segunda-feira, 12 de agosto de 2013


   Many words are sad and written since the most remote times. Much yet has to be said by words and in texts. Some marked humanity, not only from whom they were pronounced or for the quantity of the words, but mainly for the content they expressed. Some will echo in the hearts of human beings, until they comprehend the truths on them represented. Thus are the words of the Gospels. They bring a profound meaning, relevant to the self-transformation and for the encounter with the divine in each one. Its application provides joy, happiness, accomplishment and enlightenment. Everyone that enters in contact with its message experiments the lightness and the sensation of divine presence in everything. The invitation to forgiveness, the charity to love its neighbor, reveals the deep sense in it contained, which’s comprehension is necessary to the purposes of ascension to those who enter in contact with its transforming message. To know, practice and spread are important steps for the world to become better to live in. The Gospels’ message is essentially that of love, main reason of the one that revealed the model and guide to Humanity: Jesus.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013


   With no shadow of a doubt, the life of each person needs to be deciphered, to be understood and held. Personal designation is the encounter with the own essential identity. It’s about the integration of all characteristics of personality to consciousness. It’s not about of finding out the mission in the world, but the acquisition of consciousness of what you are and of what you intend to be, having as a basis, the immortal spirit that you perceive to be. The personal designation, when perceived, promotes a well-being by the tuning that the subject keeps with the creative forces of Nature and with the Organizational Principle of Life. Life becomes lighter, closer of what is considered the kingdom of Heaven within the own soul. It’s possible to perceive this state in people in whose presence everything flows in a creative, smooth and leisurely way. Their search begins in integration of grim aspects of personality and in the adoption of consciousness without guilt.