segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013


   The human being lives in constant incompleteness. No citizen, whatever country he or she is, feels unsatisfied in his or her culture. If from South, desires to know North, if from cold, desires heat, if capitalist, desires the socialism, if rich wants to discover how live the poor, and vice-versa. Nobody feels complete nowhere. It always misses something to make a completely happy and satisfied human. The movement of people on Earth, from one side to the other, in search of something that completes them, shows the yearning for life. They are tourists searching for satisfaction on the aesthetics of views that awaken their motivations, on experiences that they intend to live in different cultures that they visit and in the new social relations they establish. Although, undeniably, only one thing completes the human being: the love he donates, cause it returns automatically in the form of satisfaction in existing and in the profound connections he establishes.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


A wave hangs in the air, subtly reaching each human being. It doesn’t come from media, from politics nor from religion. It manifests itself on the corners, on domestic environments, on children and on elder people. It doesn’t asks the person sex, social-economic condition, ethnicity and nor even the age. Seems to come from afar, like a whispering in the wind, a sun shine, water racing from the mountain. Its name is written in all events of history and in all cultures. Nothing can stop its advance and its connection to each person in the planet. It penetrates with gentleness and firmness on the heart of the most hardened, the soul of the most tormented and on the reason of the most critic. This wave is the consciousness that the human being is and immortal soul, lord of the Universe, fruit from love and divine Will. We all are! We will always be. Nothing destroys us. Something guide us: the multiplication of the spiritual wave, the integration of the idea of being a spirit in its own  consciousness.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


    Everyone is born. Thanks God, nothing blocks the life to happen, nor even the novelty to surge.
Everyone passes through infancy. Thanks God, ingenuity happens first, teaching us to trust.
Everyone fight at some point in their lives. Thanks God, we learn the value of dispute and the importance of solidarity.
Everyone, one day experiences losses. Thanks God, we discover the importance of not having permanent possession over things and people.
Everyone wants to live love. Thanks God, we always desire the best.
Everyone gets sick. Thanks God, we try the fugacity of physical life.
Everyone dies. Thanks God, the novelty always come in the spiritual dimension for life to happen and restarts its cycle.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The novelty attracts. Shines like fire, to the eyes of the most seekers. Fascinate, obliging to the formation of a new idea, even though, initially, incomprehensible. The novelty is the rebirth, is the dawn after a dark and terrible night, delivered to the monsters of unconsciousness. Your energy wins the tiredness of slaving and sick ideas. The novelty is like a child, that always brings something of different to the world, after its birth. The cycle comprehended between sleep and wake up, naturally imposed to consciousness, produces the sensation that will always be there a tomorrow, alive, opened and available to creativity. Great ideas emerged after long or short periods of sleep. At dawn, the unconsciousness boils, offering, after, to consciousness, its novelty production. Nothing takes away the inner certainty that exists, in each Spirit, having in yourself the capacity of renewal resiliently.
 Translationa nd picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Accomplish the essence of yourself is to self-determine, becoming author of your own destiny, lord of your own existence, sharing it. This accomplishment contemplates knowing, working, cooperating and loving. Knowing yourself, that is, comprehend your own psychic procedures is as to establish with the Universe a creative relation in favor of the construction of something new and better for yourself and to others. Working to construct a equal opportunities society for all, integrating yourself, what results of livid experiences. Cooperating is to assist others to evolve together, as your equal, breaking the barrier of selfishness. To love, to assimilate God’s plans in yourself. The consciousness that you are an immortal spirit is a indispensable to this mister. Accomplish yourself is to be owner of yourself .

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013


   Disclose the principles of Spiritism constitutes in one of the ways of contributing for its expension. This is done by the great majority of institutions and spiritists spread around the world. Necessary and useful measure, although not unique. Without thought deepening, with interdisciplinarity we incur on the risk of the constitution of crystallizing dogmas. It has been like this with all religions, with the intent of clarifying new followers with ancient truths, searching the expansion of its quantitative. Such truths need new thought and updates. In an Universe, now seen as Quantum, it doesn’t fit fixations of concepts. Congresses, academic studies, transdiciplinary debates, discussion groups in the internet, as well as private ways of reflexion about the Spiritist Knowledge have been turning a great vehicle of deepening of those principles. As said Allan Kardec in the Book of Mediums, “The Spiritism walks in the air”. Thanks God the wind moves and recasts with other airs.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013


   Leisure is an escape valve necessary to the spirit. Your mind, important organ for expression and communication, yet in maturation process, gathers tensions generated in the experiences of contact with the unknown, which, each moment naturally emerge to it, be it for fear or for anxiety, provoking the necessity of relief. When not experienced, it’s projected during sport events of many modalities. Even though, it will miss the direct experience for the relief of those tensions. Leisure will continue to be required for that important function of relieving physical and psychic tensions. To believe that the practice of sports and leisure are merely cults to the body is not understand the psychic dynamics. The World Championships, the Olympics and other collective events that oversee competition and leisure, besides the direct benefits that they bring to economy, are extremely important to the psychic balance of humanity.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


Philosophize is a dangerous art. Maybe by the assumption of transforming minds. To mess with the others head is a very big risk. You can improve people, and this “damages” those who don’t want to change. ‘Cause who doesn’t want to change, intend to maintain in control those who don’t know that can change. This occurred with big leaders. They were prosecuted for their audacity in wanting to change. Socrates was one of the unforgettable examples. Not to say about Jesus Christ, that has paid a high price for wanting to transform consciousness in the direction of love and forgiveness. Thus occur with all that dare to interpret, that put something more than what is written, that try to contextualize what was written or spoken in other times. However, is too much assumption, want to leave unscathed when something is said that belongs to the future, ‘cause it will seem heresy for those who don’t want to lose power. They clutch to control. Fear to lose their own control over themselves. Those who philosophize pay with sacrifice, with explosion and public shame. But everything has its time and its hour. Onde day the Sun will shine after the dark night…

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   And still have people that don’t believe in the existence of spirits! Among them, there are those who do it without any serious study, by prejudice, for ignorance, by fear or for allegedly scientific conviction. They are those who don’t want to see and settle with the form and the limits of the exclusively material thought. They curtail the proper nature, which takes them to personality development, ultimately, to the evolution of the spirits they are. They limit themselves and the society ‘cause they create less, grow less and impoverish the mind. The conscious of the existence of spirits, as human beings without the material body is a question of logics and shouldn’t be only from the religious domain. Unfortunately, the question of spirits is still treated as a faith matter, when it should be considered from the sociological, anthropological, psychological, medic and scientific point of view, etc. Those who don’t care seriously about the subject or treat it like simple question of faith, lose and get delayed in the spiritual evolution.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Not always is possible for the human being to achieve the demand made by the ideal of person that constructs at each incarnation. Generally, projects a personality to be reached far beyond your own capacity to sustain. Usually, for the lineation of this idealization of yourself, you receive the contribution of religion that, demanding purity and perfection of spirit, puts you in check-mate due to the negative judgment that fits you. For this motive, religion does not realize. Religiosity, yes, ‘cause it’s the experience of the sacred, inside the limits of possible to each person. It is the feeling within of divine origin of yourself, as well as the identical destination. The religious tolerance is more than external respect to the option and identification of somebody with a religion. Most of all, it is the perception of the internal religiosity of another, expressed in the chosen religion. Religiosity is a specter of attitudes linked to the purpose of constructing a productive and happy society, which develops itself in the direction of love, as well as the search of the comprehension of the mystery of life. The personal religion and the religiosity of a person coincide, ‘cause they attend to the connection to the divine, in the stage of evolution that we find the spirit. In this perspective of religiosity, the possibilities for spiritual growth are more accessible, lighter and assimilable by all. The dissemination of religiosity unifies and fraternizes with all believers of all creed and cultures.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The public criticism, on the Spiritualist Movement, that are made to the mediums is, most of the time, as we say in Brazil: “A shot on the foot”. People part from de principle that they are committing “doctrinal errors”. Not that people shall covenant with untruths that, in a subtle way, can bring damage to the comprehension of Spiritism, not only contributing to maintain people in the ignorance, as well as taking it to discredit. We must question: who detains the truth or the absolute knowledge of thing and the operation of the Universe? Nobody can, exclusively in the name of Spiritism whose evolution comes by the forces of things and by the natural development of human knowledge. Therefore it’s not a finished wisdom. Even that people affirm barbarities or exercise malpractice, nothing can hinder progress; that said, Spiritism will follow firm and each time, more robust. It’s necessary for us to analyze the haste to denigrate people, without presenting solid arguments and profound studies due to this or that theme, considered “anti-doctrinal”. The danger of all this is the crystallization of ideas, what would mean the creation of dogmas. Many times, who oppose to the ideas of others have no consistency of their own. The debate should be broad, but without previous condemnation. The spiritist’s ideas and principles must be known and absorbed, although, always interpreted in contextualized form.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.