segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2014


   I want a religion that doesn’t forbid me, but that teaches me; that doesn’t incriminate me, but offers me solutions; that doesn’t repress me, but that teaches me to find better means of expression; that doesn’t condemn me, but that offers me an adequate sense of justice; that doesn’t abash me, but that puts me close to the Creator of Life. I want a religion that let me smile on Sunday mornings, allowing my prayer to be the look for nature. I want a religion that, on the darkest day of my living, from it I don’t remember when feeling afraid and, on it, don’t shelter myself like a child in infant consolations. I want a religion that motivates me to offer roses to the sick and to bring happiness to burials, and to cry only when knowing the pain was understood and that the dead is alive and well. I want a religion that guides me to revere innocence and applaud standing those that respect the wisdom of the elderly. I want a religion that I can find with whomever I am, wherever I go, even in the heart of those who hurt and scream, imagining they’re right. I want a religion that shelters those who take the risk of living and bless those who are lost in the dark labyrinths of their own ignorance. I want a religion that can be felt in compassion, be it with the abundance of the thriftless or with the misery of the seemly incapable, not lacking me the needed solidarity. I want a religion that makes me feel like brother to those who displeases or takes my hope away, also to those who revere me, innocently. I want a religion that takes away the veil of my blindness without taking away my whole ignorance, teaching me to the continuity of learning. I want a religion that doesn’t exclude or stigmatize any creature, nor creates castes of elected or saved by the adoption of logical principles. I want a religion in which chants and liturgy include the voice of the soul and the pulse of hearts, for one day, when I don’t need anything else, I find myself.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

sexta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2014


   Everyone wants to go to the other side of the river. Cross obstacles, delve frontiers, meet the unknown, surpass limits, commit some hybris. This is the reason for progress, ‘cause it’s born from the desire of leaving merely human condition and transcend to the divine. Everyone wants to go further, reaching the frontiers of knowledge, not satisfying oneself with the obvious or what settles the mind. Take off towards what has been forbidden to humans, from what wasn’t allowed by God, paradoxically, must be everyone’s desire. Psychic limits are invitations to growth. Who thought in paradise, with pre-established rules, there, for humans to live indefinitely, forgot the intelligence and loveliness of the Creator, ‘cause Himself provided the arouse of opposites, to urge humans to integrate them. The whole sea must be delved, all pain must be eliminated, all space must be conquered, the whole horizon must be surpassed, all ignorance must be overcome, all life must be lived with love. On the other shore will always have an opposite.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.