segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014


   Contact with the superior forces of the Universe, with what the most mysterious that exists, behind everything that the human consciousness have already been able to conceive, with the great enigma, with the most secret in the occult or with what is considered to be God, must take the human being to some kind of ecstasy that resembles a surge close to psychosis. Everything seems to indicate that, in mystical ecstasies, considered as a deep connection with divinity, initiate by entering in contact with one’s own unconsciousness. To try that real contact is for few; it’s for those that risk living their most audacious inner trip, disconnecting from ego and material circumstances, without living the world. After this contact, being short or long, minutes, days, months or years, elapses a period of intense creativity that, in general, takes a long time. Some try to feel or live that contact by artificial means, most of times without the necessary structure to cope with their own unconsciousness, using drugs and without the due care, risking lawlessly to lose themselves in their own unconsciousness or turning to victims of dangerous spiritual obsessions. Maybe we should try, listening to our own soul with our heart and with the most profound love to life, to people and to ourselves.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Every physician, aware of his knowledge and without scientific sectarianism, understands that there are limits to the medicine field. The body, subject of the practical action of the physician’s knowledge, presents itself as whole, in which circulates energies at the service of the mind that controls it and, from it, receive diverse stimuli. By itself, its operation doesn’t explain the conscious life phenomenon, much less all intellective and emotional capabilities of the human being. Medicine already stops up to the called Complementary Therapies, between them, the Pass, the Prayer, intercessory in favor of cure. It’s notable the great influence that spiritual matters have in the medical profession by the large quantity of spiritualist among them. Little by little, spiritualism imposes itself to materialism within the noble profession. Testimonies of many physicians, independently of their beliefs, report psychic phenomena that occur in hospitals, especially with terminal patients and in surgical centers. Neither prescribed medications nor recommendations of keeping a moderate life are enough in diseases treatment, cause there are procedures generated in the intimacy of the Spirit, in which the morbidity demands a deeper action, with the usage of other, more appropriate methods. Medical recommendations have overcome the boundaries of conventional. It’s time for us to admit to consciousness itself that it’s not a religious matter anymore, nor faith, but of logic and human knowledge improvement.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.