segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2013


   Anguish is the symptom to indicate that the heart wants to speak, but there’s no language capable of translating it. It’s the heaviness of the soul that feels end that needs to be eased. It’s the pain of existing not handling to stand the lack of some undefined thing and that completes one’s craving of life’s desire of expressing itself. It’s an illness that stifles within, sucking its living energy and acting as a free and self-determined form. It is compared to missing someone that you love too much and can’t stand anymore. Its cure becomes possible in the connection reached with the sacred, that permeates and completes everything, making possible a sweet and mysterious encounter with the Creator. Only, as a matter of fact, love is capable of easing the anguish of the soul, raising it to the most reachable feeling to human being. To love; to love always and never letting anything prevent your expression. When love is present in the human heart, nothing can be reprehensible or discriminated. Love is the propulsion of the Universe. Let’s always love.

Translation and picture by Flau Fontenelle.

quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2013


   The path of life is the heart. It is like a big harbor in a huge navigable ocean. For it all fights and experiences of the soul pass by. Navigators of all seas know of its grandeur and how they rely of its powerful bonds to feel themselves belonging, that is, bound to something transcendent. The path of life is love that happens in the heart, intimate place of deep encounters. It’s on it that one finds the screams and whispers of those who hide from the time of living. It’s on its nurturing breast that pain and joy find expression means. The heroes rely on it to acquire courage to greater battles. Their strength is fed by the energy that pervade their loving ways. The sense and meaning of life are deciphered by those who have courage to live their deepest feelings, serving life itself. There’s no way to flea or alienate yourself of your own heart. God made reason for human beings to understand what goes through their heart. It’s in it too the Spirit reveals itself an to the world.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013


   Come! Get closer. I want to present a special person. He lives always the present and considers that tomorrow is a light that approaches kindly. His consciousness of nothing blames him, ‘cause he knows that reason is moved by confrontation and prejudice. Has, in himself, the certainty of continuation of his self, independently of his own sensory. Trusts in Life that creates life and certain of his own relevance in the Universe. Loves, knows how to love and exhale love every time. Discovers, at every instant, the sense of his existence, giving meaning to what he faces, making life flow in Creating rhythm. Yes, as a matter of fact, a great personality, always available to contact, to the encounter and to sharing feelings. Enjoy his adorable company. I know him because I know you. This person lives within yourself, but insists in not showing up.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013


   There is a natural fear that Spiritism gets updated. After all, who has such authority for that? Maybe, it should happen naturally and collectively. Without successors, but stimulators. Even then, anyone who appears with a new idea, or different common sense, receives anathemas and exclusion by the most conservative. It’s important to point out that the dogma attracts as a magnet. It’s about a powerful mechanism of defense, a secure anchor, that maintains the mind on certain principles, fearing collapse. Dogmas aren’t just straight principles, but also ideas and beliefs, even if, initially, new and updater that, by fear of insecurity, solidificate in the mind, preventing the advance of some knowledge. Spiritism have been gradually updated separated of the keepers in charge. A great example was the work constructed by the medium Chico Xavier. Not fearing to be attacking Spiritism or to believe that it might be destroyed, all sincere and dedicated to his study spiritualists should philosophize about the classic writing of their  predecessors, founders and stimulators. As said by Allan Kardec: “ The Spiritism is from divine order, ‘cause it relies in nature laws”. Nothing to fear.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 5 de novembro de 2013


   Good movie and with different messages, by the taste of who analyzes it, even if they consider it a simple entertainment. Ecologic, political, anti-imperialist, critical to de unmeasured human ambition, between other possibilities of comprehension. I went out of the movie theater, in the 3D version, analyzing the movie under the optics of reincarnation. In the beginning, the movie shows the possibility of the human mind to control another body, fabricated with part of the DNA of the body that holds it;  the new body is like a clone obtained by the mixture of two distinct organisms that, with sophisticated technologie is controlled by the mind of a still incarnated person and can, at any time, return to their original body. The temporary permanence in the second body (the one obtained by the mixture os DNAs) doesn’t retrieve the consciousness of the existence of the human body, the originary, nor its whole memory, ‘cause the mind only transfer itself, temporally  controlling the avatar. The idea can be understood as a possibility of reincarnation in a pre-molded body, with the assistance of the human uterus, without passing through infancy. I like the idea, ‘cause it seems feasible in of the possible future sceneries to humanity.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

Zíbia Gasparetto

   To dedicate yourself to the psychic work for, almost uninterrupted fifty years is a Herculean task, even more when maternal obligations are concurrent. Compensation comes with time, with the consciousness of complied duty and with the sweet and soft presence of the Spiritual Benefactors. My admiration for Zíbia comes from long time, when I was in her home to her 80 years old celebration, visiting her son, Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, medium and a great worker for the spiritualist labors. I see her as a reincarnated spirit with an important mission, enabling that millions o people penetrate the spiritual dimension by reading of psychographic works, very useful for the human consolation. Her  wide literary contribution, begun since de beginning of the 60’s, shows Spiritism in a simple form, with novels of easy and rich reading, not rummaging on the writing and not demonstrating the interest of indoctrinating the reader. Many initiated in the study of Spiritism from her work, showing the spiritual world as the dimension in which the heart speaks loudly. Congratulations, Zíbia. Your name is written in the gallery of the great figures of Spiritism.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

segunda-feira, 12 de agosto de 2013


   Many words are sad and written since the most remote times. Much yet has to be said by words and in texts. Some marked humanity, not only from whom they were pronounced or for the quantity of the words, but mainly for the content they expressed. Some will echo in the hearts of human beings, until they comprehend the truths on them represented. Thus are the words of the Gospels. They bring a profound meaning, relevant to the self-transformation and for the encounter with the divine in each one. Its application provides joy, happiness, accomplishment and enlightenment. Everyone that enters in contact with its message experiments the lightness and the sensation of divine presence in everything. The invitation to forgiveness, the charity to love its neighbor, reveals the deep sense in it contained, which’s comprehension is necessary to the purposes of ascension to those who enter in contact with its transforming message. To know, practice and spread are important steps for the world to become better to live in. The Gospels’ message is essentially that of love, main reason of the one that revealed the model and guide to Humanity: Jesus.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013


   With no shadow of a doubt, the life of each person needs to be deciphered, to be understood and held. Personal designation is the encounter with the own essential identity. It’s about the integration of all characteristics of personality to consciousness. It’s not about of finding out the mission in the world, but the acquisition of consciousness of what you are and of what you intend to be, having as a basis, the immortal spirit that you perceive to be. The personal designation, when perceived, promotes a well-being by the tuning that the subject keeps with the creative forces of Nature and with the Organizational Principle of Life. Life becomes lighter, closer of what is considered the kingdom of Heaven within the own soul. It’s possible to perceive this state in people in whose presence everything flows in a creative, smooth and leisurely way. Their search begins in integration of grim aspects of personality and in the adoption of consciousness without guilt.

segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013


   The human being lives in constant incompleteness. No citizen, whatever country he or she is, feels unsatisfied in his or her culture. If from South, desires to know North, if from cold, desires heat, if capitalist, desires the socialism, if rich wants to discover how live the poor, and vice-versa. Nobody feels complete nowhere. It always misses something to make a completely happy and satisfied human. The movement of people on Earth, from one side to the other, in search of something that completes them, shows the yearning for life. They are tourists searching for satisfaction on the aesthetics of views that awaken their motivations, on experiences that they intend to live in different cultures that they visit and in the new social relations they establish. Although, undeniably, only one thing completes the human being: the love he donates, cause it returns automatically in the form of satisfaction in existing and in the profound connections he establishes.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


A wave hangs in the air, subtly reaching each human being. It doesn’t come from media, from politics nor from religion. It manifests itself on the corners, on domestic environments, on children and on elder people. It doesn’t asks the person sex, social-economic condition, ethnicity and nor even the age. Seems to come from afar, like a whispering in the wind, a sun shine, water racing from the mountain. Its name is written in all events of history and in all cultures. Nothing can stop its advance and its connection to each person in the planet. It penetrates with gentleness and firmness on the heart of the most hardened, the soul of the most tormented and on the reason of the most critic. This wave is the consciousness that the human being is and immortal soul, lord of the Universe, fruit from love and divine Will. We all are! We will always be. Nothing destroys us. Something guide us: the multiplication of the spiritual wave, the integration of the idea of being a spirit in its own  consciousness.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


    Everyone is born. Thanks God, nothing blocks the life to happen, nor even the novelty to surge.
Everyone passes through infancy. Thanks God, ingenuity happens first, teaching us to trust.
Everyone fight at some point in their lives. Thanks God, we learn the value of dispute and the importance of solidarity.
Everyone, one day experiences losses. Thanks God, we discover the importance of not having permanent possession over things and people.
Everyone wants to live love. Thanks God, we always desire the best.
Everyone gets sick. Thanks God, we try the fugacity of physical life.
Everyone dies. Thanks God, the novelty always come in the spiritual dimension for life to happen and restarts its cycle.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The novelty attracts. Shines like fire, to the eyes of the most seekers. Fascinate, obliging to the formation of a new idea, even though, initially, incomprehensible. The novelty is the rebirth, is the dawn after a dark and terrible night, delivered to the monsters of unconsciousness. Your energy wins the tiredness of slaving and sick ideas. The novelty is like a child, that always brings something of different to the world, after its birth. The cycle comprehended between sleep and wake up, naturally imposed to consciousness, produces the sensation that will always be there a tomorrow, alive, opened and available to creativity. Great ideas emerged after long or short periods of sleep. At dawn, the unconsciousness boils, offering, after, to consciousness, its novelty production. Nothing takes away the inner certainty that exists, in each Spirit, having in yourself the capacity of renewal resiliently.
 Translationa nd picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Accomplish the essence of yourself is to self-determine, becoming author of your own destiny, lord of your own existence, sharing it. This accomplishment contemplates knowing, working, cooperating and loving. Knowing yourself, that is, comprehend your own psychic procedures is as to establish with the Universe a creative relation in favor of the construction of something new and better for yourself and to others. Working to construct a equal opportunities society for all, integrating yourself, what results of livid experiences. Cooperating is to assist others to evolve together, as your equal, breaking the barrier of selfishness. To love, to assimilate God’s plans in yourself. The consciousness that you are an immortal spirit is a indispensable to this mister. Accomplish yourself is to be owner of yourself .

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013


   Disclose the principles of Spiritism constitutes in one of the ways of contributing for its expension. This is done by the great majority of institutions and spiritists spread around the world. Necessary and useful measure, although not unique. Without thought deepening, with interdisciplinarity we incur on the risk of the constitution of crystallizing dogmas. It has been like this with all religions, with the intent of clarifying new followers with ancient truths, searching the expansion of its quantitative. Such truths need new thought and updates. In an Universe, now seen as Quantum, it doesn’t fit fixations of concepts. Congresses, academic studies, transdiciplinary debates, discussion groups in the internet, as well as private ways of reflexion about the Spiritist Knowledge have been turning a great vehicle of deepening of those principles. As said Allan Kardec in the Book of Mediums, “The Spiritism walks in the air”. Thanks God the wind moves and recasts with other airs.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013


   Leisure is an escape valve necessary to the spirit. Your mind, important organ for expression and communication, yet in maturation process, gathers tensions generated in the experiences of contact with the unknown, which, each moment naturally emerge to it, be it for fear or for anxiety, provoking the necessity of relief. When not experienced, it’s projected during sport events of many modalities. Even though, it will miss the direct experience for the relief of those tensions. Leisure will continue to be required for that important function of relieving physical and psychic tensions. To believe that the practice of sports and leisure are merely cults to the body is not understand the psychic dynamics. The World Championships, the Olympics and other collective events that oversee competition and leisure, besides the direct benefits that they bring to economy, are extremely important to the psychic balance of humanity.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


Philosophize is a dangerous art. Maybe by the assumption of transforming minds. To mess with the others head is a very big risk. You can improve people, and this “damages” those who don’t want to change. ‘Cause who doesn’t want to change, intend to maintain in control those who don’t know that can change. This occurred with big leaders. They were prosecuted for their audacity in wanting to change. Socrates was one of the unforgettable examples. Not to say about Jesus Christ, that has paid a high price for wanting to transform consciousness in the direction of love and forgiveness. Thus occur with all that dare to interpret, that put something more than what is written, that try to contextualize what was written or spoken in other times. However, is too much assumption, want to leave unscathed when something is said that belongs to the future, ‘cause it will seem heresy for those who don’t want to lose power. They clutch to control. Fear to lose their own control over themselves. Those who philosophize pay with sacrifice, with explosion and public shame. But everything has its time and its hour. Onde day the Sun will shine after the dark night…

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   And still have people that don’t believe in the existence of spirits! Among them, there are those who do it without any serious study, by prejudice, for ignorance, by fear or for allegedly scientific conviction. They are those who don’t want to see and settle with the form and the limits of the exclusively material thought. They curtail the proper nature, which takes them to personality development, ultimately, to the evolution of the spirits they are. They limit themselves and the society ‘cause they create less, grow less and impoverish the mind. The conscious of the existence of spirits, as human beings without the material body is a question of logics and shouldn’t be only from the religious domain. Unfortunately, the question of spirits is still treated as a faith matter, when it should be considered from the sociological, anthropological, psychological, medic and scientific point of view, etc. Those who don’t care seriously about the subject or treat it like simple question of faith, lose and get delayed in the spiritual evolution.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Not always is possible for the human being to achieve the demand made by the ideal of person that constructs at each incarnation. Generally, projects a personality to be reached far beyond your own capacity to sustain. Usually, for the lineation of this idealization of yourself, you receive the contribution of religion that, demanding purity and perfection of spirit, puts you in check-mate due to the negative judgment that fits you. For this motive, religion does not realize. Religiosity, yes, ‘cause it’s the experience of the sacred, inside the limits of possible to each person. It is the feeling within of divine origin of yourself, as well as the identical destination. The religious tolerance is more than external respect to the option and identification of somebody with a religion. Most of all, it is the perception of the internal religiosity of another, expressed in the chosen religion. Religiosity is a specter of attitudes linked to the purpose of constructing a productive and happy society, which develops itself in the direction of love, as well as the search of the comprehension of the mystery of life. The personal religion and the religiosity of a person coincide, ‘cause they attend to the connection to the divine, in the stage of evolution that we find the spirit. In this perspective of religiosity, the possibilities for spiritual growth are more accessible, lighter and assimilable by all. The dissemination of religiosity unifies and fraternizes with all believers of all creed and cultures.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The public criticism, on the Spiritualist Movement, that are made to the mediums is, most of the time, as we say in Brazil: “A shot on the foot”. People part from de principle that they are committing “doctrinal errors”. Not that people shall covenant with untruths that, in a subtle way, can bring damage to the comprehension of Spiritism, not only contributing to maintain people in the ignorance, as well as taking it to discredit. We must question: who detains the truth or the absolute knowledge of thing and the operation of the Universe? Nobody can, exclusively in the name of Spiritism whose evolution comes by the forces of things and by the natural development of human knowledge. Therefore it’s not a finished wisdom. Even that people affirm barbarities or exercise malpractice, nothing can hinder progress; that said, Spiritism will follow firm and each time, more robust. It’s necessary for us to analyze the haste to denigrate people, without presenting solid arguments and profound studies due to this or that theme, considered “anti-doctrinal”. The danger of all this is the crystallization of ideas, what would mean the creation of dogmas. Many times, who oppose to the ideas of others have no consistency of their own. The debate should be broad, but without previous condemnation. The spiritist’s ideas and principles must be known and absorbed, although, always interpreted in contextualized form.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

domingo, 23 de junho de 2013


   Assisting patients at my Jungian clinic, I perceived the stigmas they bring. They are involuntary scars that denounce preceding histories, as well as their unconscious psyche state. They’re paths of perception that don’t reveal their consciousness, but there are materialized in their lives configuration. Being it physical scars or not, they become tracks of a pilgrim that walks towards his realization, as an ultimate analysis , in a self quest. They are impressions and configurations that reveal momentary characteristics of who is, in fact, its bearer. It happens naturally, without the being realizes that these scars are part of his internal nature. They are like a person’s calligraphy. Its traces tell unconscious and revealing aspects of personality. To decipher the symbolical meanings of stigmas requires a certain knowledge as when we reach its occult sense, provides a bigger and better development of the being. Stigmas are useful in the therapeutic and its comprehension facilitates the possibility of modification of its bearer’s destiny.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle


   Without a more broad vision towards that humans are immortal spirits, the education becomes partial, incomplete and skewed. Until today it has been grounded on the body-society binomial, being the first, unique paradigm until them used to conceive humans and, society, established as field of application and finality to be improved to the collective well-being. While we don’t extrapolate the binomial limit, we’ll march slowly and middling. To improve the subject to this society aiming only that he adapts to it, as it was its exclusive goal, reduces humans to the social gathering. We must consider him an interdimensional being that, besides that, must understand his goal to beyond this world. This consideration would turn education into a factor that would eliminate the natural anguish that follows human beings since they are born. It doesn’t mean a spiritualist education, but one focused to the imortal spirit.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle


   I see many people using Allan Kardec’s affirmation literally. It doesn’t contribute to the owned elucidation, in the respect of the perception that we are all immortal spirits. The word SALVATION must be understood as EVOLUTION, ‘cause we don’t need to be saved from anything the term salvation was used because people believed they were lost, demonized, disoriented and, for more, hedonists. We’re eternal spirits doomed to happiness and in constant evolution. The sentence mentioned above wants to express that, for us to evolve, we need each other. There is neither eternal condemnation nor endless suffering. To the spirit is destined the Universe, with its locus of creation development and evolution.

Translation an picture choice by Flau Fontenelle

segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2013


   I don’t believe that I should worry with this theme more than any other person. Maybe I should, ‘cause I’ve been seeing, even if subtly, sensing like doctrinal defense, this theme on Spiritism. People invested of great faith and enthusiasm, execrate others for not presenting themselves in the traditional form, demanded in the orthodox language. Spiritism is an open doctrine that evolves on time and diverse cultures. To demand maintenance of Allan Kardec’s composing, on today’s writings and speeches, deposes against himself, who advocated the evolutionary character of Spiritism. It’s not changing already written books, nor wresting contents, but to write new books and bring new ideas. We should think about Spiritism’s basic principles. We should research to better explain Spiritism’s basic principles. We should magnify the spiritist religion, for then to postulate as universal religiosity. Nothing like this will happen if we maintain a stubborn mind, on crystallized ideas, even if coherents, although anachronistic in its final format.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   I have to agree with Baudelaire when he says that: “as it was the imagination that created the world, she rules it”. Jung stated that “(the fantasy)… is the mother of all possibilities where inner and outer worlds form a live unit, as all psychological opposites”. Well he, Baudelaire, could have said that “the relativization in life contributes for the person’s singularity. Hasn’t said, maybe because he saw the world as Matrix, movie inspired on his ideas. The more you dream, imagine, put your thought to travel by the stars, as it was whispering winds, the more you penetrate into the real world, that rules the senses world. It’s exactly for the fantasizing possibility that the human forges knowledge. This fantastic capacity of creating, transforming imaginary in concretization possibilities, that life  happens each day. It’s this capacity that should be used for understanding stigma. A mark, a stigma, can have many meanings, thanks to fantasy, that will always search in reality for a form to manifest itself as a symbol. Without understanding  its real meaning, its origins and causes, the human being give it a symbolic one, directing his life according to and as an egoic understanding.

Translations and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The perspective brought by Allan Kardec and followed by many mediums and Spiritism’s scholars is a private idea of the spiritual dimension that, in its whole, produces on the collective soul a sheepish perception, nevertheless, not misguided of the reality in the Universe. This means that what, in fact, exists in the spiritual dimension is even bigger and more complex from what is brought or shown by Spiritism’s doctrine. All comes from the linguistic limitations and comprehension possibilities by the spirit, facing its evolution level. It’s, in fact, necessary to deconstruct ideas to reach a new knowledge, with what there won’t have progress. The vision of spiritual life is very close or similar to the material life; it represents a limitation to be surpassed for the own spirit to perceive far beyond of the limits of its own belief. Such belief imprisons it, even if it takes to see afar from common sense. Spiritism can go far beyond, since its scholars pass up, without fear of the criticism or foreclosures by its own peers.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

I AM...

...what I try to say and intend to do.
...what I intend to think and what I imagine to build.
...what I idealize to fulfill and what my creativity suggests.
...what I don’t think and don’t speak, but keep in, boiling, waiting for materialization.
...what I don’t do and don’t act, but externalizes in my psychosphere.
...what I don’t feel and don’t believe on, but insists in wanting to show on myself, like a living strength and boosts me on.
...what, on you, is alive, active and permits you to know yourself.
...what allows you to legitimate yourself as an individuality.
...comes from your creation., with you to the manifestation of divinity.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

I HAVE MUCH... tell about myself. I wait for silent ears that fit my pains and my yelling; listen about my own soul. I hope that it tells much, it says very loud what it feels and thinks, to sensitize my little ears; feel what goes by another’s soul. I hope that my sensitizes and allows itself to break with severity; make to break the inertia. I hope that my mind enjoy the divine energy available on my own being; live the spirituality that manifests itself around me. I hope that the world that have built don’t boycott its own transcendent expression; love life. I hope not to let myself win by rationality, that doesn’t part from passion by the human being; feel’s God’s soul that manifests itself in beauty, in nature, in peace and in the taste for harmony.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


  The Copenhagen conference about climate changes, with its attempt of reduction of greenhouse gases on Earth, made me think about the evolutionary condition of Humanity. Many proposals presented make us realize that the human being thinks already as a earthly unit. Someday we’ll have a world wide central of control and eradication of diseases, a central coordination with representatives of all religions, a permanent assembly with representatives from the whole planet’s culture, an eradication central of hunger, a financial and patrimonial central, a peace central, etc. Maybe, from now on, the planet may deserve to have direct access to other civilizations spread around the Universe.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Happy New Year for all those who read me. That the done promises and the intended yearnings may be performed with the necessary outlay of personal energy that becomes collective. That the beginning of a new cycle contemplates a bigger consciousness of personal immortality and to the other, to share what exists in me, be it joy, ideas or resources.  I remember of Francis, Claire and Mary too, that don’t, and shouldn’t have, as lastname, Charity. I feel a natural desire of giving, to share and to connect myself by the heart to another. How I would like to have, besides to feel, the practice that the word suggests. Charity is love in motion by the way of the heart.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The word reminds me of heart, feeling and compassion. Every time I hear it or read it, I think that this is an invitation; an invitation to meet with others to share what is in me, whether it be joys, ideas or resources. I also remember Francisco, Clare and Mary, who do not have but could have, as a surname, Charity. I feel a natural desire to give, to share and to connect, by the heart, with others. How would I like to have it already, besides feeling, the practice that the word suggests. Charity is love in motion by the way of the the heart.


C.G. Jung, I discovered the Mind;
Allan Kardec, I discovered the Spiritual Life;
Nietzsche, I discovered Humanity;
Mary Shelley, I discovered Resilience;
Junito Brandao, I discovered Mythology;
Henri Poincare, I discovered Mathematics;
Niels Bohr, I discovered the Quantum Universe;
Emmanuel, I discovered the Assertiveness with Spirituality;
Yogananda, I discovered the Harmony;
Jesus, I discovered Wisdom;
With them , I learned how to read simple stories of human life and I am discovering myself.


   When the soul gets ill, life becomes senseless, losing its  natural shine; all seems to be unimportant , without value and without connection with thyself. This mindstate, if on one side promotes the lack of hope, in the other side can conduce human beings the perception of the  shadow of your personality. To heal the soul and its crises it is necessary to break off with the self-centeredness and with a victim mentality. Some attitudes empower the ability of cure: 
a )the  sincere wish of donating of , at least, a smile;
b) the courage of break free, walk away of fear and of the feeling of failure;
c) the acceptance of loss;
d) the consciousness of capacity of resilience;
e) the communion with the main  spirituality ,on the syntony with the Good Spirits;
f) the recuperation of self-confidence;
g) the serenity. The soul can heal thyself when it loves.


Nothing I want of another that he does not have, cant or do not want to give me;
I am always available to understand what someone has to tell me;
The love I feel is the food that generates my words, rationally reuniting them;
I am an immortal spirit and nothing will be able to destruct me and neither stops my evolution;
The only way of knowing me is the establishing of affectionate relationships;
God is: all and the rest you can say it is of human;
The destine is something flexible, with defined limits super- arqutiped;
Nothing, and no one, will be able to take away my interior peace;
The pain is inherent to the body; suffering is optional; sacrifice is necessary to the Spirit;
The spiritual ascension is collective; the perception of your own singularity is personal;
The mediunity is the mother of all psyquic faculties;
Life is always evolving to better the spirit;
The relation between creator and creature is dynamic and subtly conduced; the secret of life is to silent the soul by living in love;
Love is the driven factor of the universe.


We will live in a world where everyone is responsible for everyone.
Where no child will be abandoned by those who brought them into this world,
We will live in a regimen which justice will be based on love and the most absolute equity.
We will have loving mothers and fathers, who will wish that your children will bring the world to a better place.
We will be recognized as children of loving God and as immortal Spirits.
We will take care of each other, based on the most genuine charity.
There will be a society in which doing the right will be imprinted in everyone’s consciousness and aligned with an obligation.
We will feel an immense pleasure in contribute to the humanity progress and to a collective peace.
We will be good sons and daughters, good parents and good citizens, within a great happiness of live cherishing life.
We will be building nests of love, like opportunities to rebirth of those who are going to substitute us on treating earth planet with the intention of turning it in a marvelous reign.
We will plant trees to make sure that we wont be short on oxygen and shelter to our physical body natural exhaustion.
We will care of animals like brothers and sisters and nature like a blessed provider.
We will be known as those who are going to glorify the creator by building a world of love, peace and harmony.
 We will be in a world where all are going to be bothers and sisters for the fact of unconditionally loving each other and by the real fraternity.
We will witness one day when we all will have a right of   dignified education, adequate health and full citizenship.
We will be administrated by spirits which politics are going to be based within a sintony with the superior powers of the universe.
We will share all necessity without the need that monetary advantage will be the reason, but only the instrument for learning and the comprehension of the complexity of reality.
We will watch when we are going to make an effort for all religions practice the most elevated the most elevated spirituality and a flag of goodness will always be unfurled.
All this will become possible when we recognize that the fact we are: IMMORTAL SPIRITS, ETERNAL INDIVIDUALITIES AND GOD’S HEIR.


   Everything that bothers you and all the solutions that depends only of you, to stop you of making another person responsible for something that it is your responsibility. Observe that what is stagnant in your life depends of your energy and some reorientation of strategies. To escape, with the intention of delaying to face your fragilities, has been the easier way to remain suffering. Resolve: Or advance or advance. Most of the time it is best to learn to loose in order to gain yourself. Don’t believe that the most simple, the most easily and with less effort is the most adequate. Don’t victimize yourself. Always fight to let the love in your heart win.


   To accept is to consider your own flaws; your own bad and imperfections that are inherent to the personality & inalienable are fundamental for the self-transformation’s process. To eliminate them summarily or to believe that they must be extirpated by an act of reason may turn into a mistake.  To accept them is to understand that they make part of a person, and we must treat it as details of human character. They must be educated once accepted as characteristics of a person. When we try to eliminate or repress them, at anytime soon or later they will show up abruptly, surprising the person, because it will become autonomous on the psyche. To not fear or neither consider them unworthy is part of self-love.


   Human life, human, which meaning is the encounter of the spirit with your spiritual essence. Every time that you want to transcend your own humanitarian condition, mistakenly forgetting your roots, which were also encrypted on the telluric and chthonic deep strength of the planet earth, where your conscious started. As much as one grows, even during the higher levels of evolution, a child when reaches the adult age wont forget his or her origin, your alchemy uterus of formation. Although being primordially a spiritual one, which realization and self-awareness occurs during an infinite time, an acquired conscious was obtained through the contact with matter. It is in this form, as matter that one must shows all formidable spirituality; by electing it without any childlike fear, your field of illumination. You must always remember that, in any dimension, under any contingency, regardless of any judgments, you will always be in permanent contact with the Divine, as paradoxical as it may look like. God is Love in everything.