quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2014


   The most I want to answer myself, with precision, who or what I am in fact, I stumble in the own ignorance on how to begin the answer. I also bound myself on words that can’t express the intimate nature of my being. What am I? Divine Spark? Soul? Spirit? What do these words mean? Poor language or poor being that neither knows how to define itself? Maybe there is a way out for this impasse. While I can’t define myself, I won’t appeal to any compendium or accessory manual. I’ll try to cover myself, defining simply as something that acquired the property of its own ignorance and is doing what is possible, without fear, give in or retreat ever. Consider myself immortal spirit, to this point of life, is to affirm the obvious. I go further, considering myself the unknown, going towards something unknowable. In this path, I find others, apparently as lost as I am, but that allow the fruition of experimenting love. When this happens, I find, acknowledge and move myself towards God.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The spirit has two paths to give continuation to its evolution, making use of the physical body: artificially improve the body or changing of planet, where it may find conditions to mold a more appropriate body to its evolution needs. This will be a challenge to its future. A cyborg body with human and synthetic parts will be the way out, however it will disfigure the organic character, typically human and natural. But, wouldn’t it be the natural path to the spirit? Forge natural circumstances, creating something originated of its intelligence, haven’t it been its labor on the planet? Yes, for the spirits that stay here, since the most evolved will migrate to other orbs, will inherit cybernetically molded bodies to comply with the inevitable progress. It will be interesting to watch the genesis of those bodies. Maybe we’ll see bodies with organic memory chips implanted close to the ear; tridimensional glasses of mandatory use for amplified vision; special helmets to amplify pineal gland functions and that also allow psychic communication; chemically altered skin, by instantaneous administration of artificially prepared substances that block the reception of ultraviolet rays and other harmful agents to the organism; between other products connected to the body and that satisfy the new necessities of adaptation. Those who stay here, will see.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   C.J. Jung established the Individuation concept as a synthesis or Self realization process, that is, turning oneself the unique being that one is. This implicates an effort to find one’s own singularity. Personal designation is a self property, comprising what one is and for what one exists. It’s an encounter with one’s nature and for it might happen in the world. It’s not about discovering a personal mission, much less doing things or accomplish projects to leave your marking in the world, but an integration of your essence to Consciousness itself. When understanding both processes, capturing what they mean and from which idea they originate, one may think that the immortal spirit lives to find this possibility of understanding itself, much further of its life of relationships, however needing it. This living and developing yourself in a transcendent way process isn’t just a mystical experience, but an activity that also happens in daily life activities. Personal Designation is a goal to a fulfilled and happy human being, that found its singularity. It’s evident that religions, with their human behavior guiding principles, as well as with their mystical practices, haven’t been effective. They lack the consideration of simultaneous human and divine condition of each person.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.