segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2013


   Anguish is the symptom to indicate that the heart wants to speak, but there’s no language capable of translating it. It’s the heaviness of the soul that feels end that needs to be eased. It’s the pain of existing not handling to stand the lack of some undefined thing and that completes one’s craving of life’s desire of expressing itself. It’s an illness that stifles within, sucking its living energy and acting as a free and self-determined form. It is compared to missing someone that you love too much and can’t stand anymore. Its cure becomes possible in the connection reached with the sacred, that permeates and completes everything, making possible a sweet and mysterious encounter with the Creator. Only, as a matter of fact, love is capable of easing the anguish of the soul, raising it to the most reachable feeling to human being. To love; to love always and never letting anything prevent your expression. When love is present in the human heart, nothing can be reprehensible or discriminated. Love is the propulsion of the Universe. Let’s always love.

Translation and picture by Flau Fontenelle.

quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2013


   The path of life is the heart. It is like a big harbor in a huge navigable ocean. For it all fights and experiences of the soul pass by. Navigators of all seas know of its grandeur and how they rely of its powerful bonds to feel themselves belonging, that is, bound to something transcendent. The path of life is love that happens in the heart, intimate place of deep encounters. It’s on it that one finds the screams and whispers of those who hide from the time of living. It’s on its nurturing breast that pain and joy find expression means. The heroes rely on it to acquire courage to greater battles. Their strength is fed by the energy that pervade their loving ways. The sense and meaning of life are deciphered by those who have courage to live their deepest feelings, serving life itself. There’s no way to flea or alienate yourself of your own heart. God made reason for human beings to understand what goes through their heart. It’s in it too the Spirit reveals itself an to the world.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013


   Come! Get closer. I want to present a special person. He lives always the present and considers that tomorrow is a light that approaches kindly. His consciousness of nothing blames him, ‘cause he knows that reason is moved by confrontation and prejudice. Has, in himself, the certainty of continuation of his self, independently of his own sensory. Trusts in Life that creates life and certain of his own relevance in the Universe. Loves, knows how to love and exhale love every time. Discovers, at every instant, the sense of his existence, giving meaning to what he faces, making life flow in Creating rhythm. Yes, as a matter of fact, a great personality, always available to contact, to the encounter and to sharing feelings. Enjoy his adorable company. I know him because I know you. This person lives within yourself, but insists in not showing up.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.