quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2014


   The most I want to answer myself, with precision, who or what I am in fact, I stumble in the own ignorance on how to begin the answer. I also bound myself on words that can’t express the intimate nature of my being. What am I? Divine Spark? Soul? Spirit? What do these words mean? Poor language or poor being that neither knows how to define itself? Maybe there is a way out for this impasse. While I can’t define myself, I won’t appeal to any compendium or accessory manual. I’ll try to cover myself, defining simply as something that acquired the property of its own ignorance and is doing what is possible, without fear, give in or retreat ever. Consider myself immortal spirit, to this point of life, is to affirm the obvious. I go further, considering myself the unknown, going towards something unknowable. In this path, I find others, apparently as lost as I am, but that allow the fruition of experimenting love. When this happens, I find, acknowledge and move myself towards God.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   The spirit has two paths to give continuation to its evolution, making use of the physical body: artificially improve the body or changing of planet, where it may find conditions to mold a more appropriate body to its evolution needs. This will be a challenge to its future. A cyborg body with human and synthetic parts will be the way out, however it will disfigure the organic character, typically human and natural. But, wouldn’t it be the natural path to the spirit? Forge natural circumstances, creating something originated of its intelligence, haven’t it been its labor on the planet? Yes, for the spirits that stay here, since the most evolved will migrate to other orbs, will inherit cybernetically molded bodies to comply with the inevitable progress. It will be interesting to watch the genesis of those bodies. Maybe we’ll see bodies with organic memory chips implanted close to the ear; tridimensional glasses of mandatory use for amplified vision; special helmets to amplify pineal gland functions and that also allow psychic communication; chemically altered skin, by instantaneous administration of artificially prepared substances that block the reception of ultraviolet rays and other harmful agents to the organism; between other products connected to the body and that satisfy the new necessities of adaptation. Those who stay here, will see.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   C.J. Jung established the Individuation concept as a synthesis or Self realization process, that is, turning oneself the unique being that one is. This implicates an effort to find one’s own singularity. Personal designation is a self property, comprising what one is and for what one exists. It’s an encounter with one’s nature and for it might happen in the world. It’s not about discovering a personal mission, much less doing things or accomplish projects to leave your marking in the world, but an integration of your essence to Consciousness itself. When understanding both processes, capturing what they mean and from which idea they originate, one may think that the immortal spirit lives to find this possibility of understanding itself, much further of its life of relationships, however needing it. This living and developing yourself in a transcendent way process isn’t just a mystical experience, but an activity that also happens in daily life activities. Personal Designation is a goal to a fulfilled and happy human being, that found its singularity. It’s evident that religions, with their human behavior guiding principles, as well as with their mystical practices, haven’t been effective. They lack the consideration of simultaneous human and divine condition of each person.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

sábado, 5 de julho de 2014


   The use of human embryonic cells, understood as matrix cells, liable of being differentiated, have been each time more common, as well as largely studied for therapeutic means. By Brazilian laws, cells can be obtained from unviable human embryos or frozen for more than three years, with parents consent. These researches will allow treatment, with big chances of cure for many diseases and organic anomalies. Won’t take long, as in fact has already been happening, Nature will tend to diversify its spirit education methods, that means, no diseases, no suffering and no organic stigmas. Human beings, each time more mature, responsible and evolved, handles matter at Life’s service and fulfillment of its essential nature. One day, with knowledge, it will be able to completely program the human body, choosing its main characteristics, to spirit refinement service, as those more evolved, disembodied, planners of special incarnations do. Gradually, the already acquired knowledge in the Spiritual World transfers itself to Earth by an applied Science at life and human welfare service.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014


   The greatest spirituality is the one that reflects in the form of feelings and actions in favor of consciousness itself, as a self-determined being. This implies in an inner self-potentials domain to live life’s complexity towards oneself, for another and for the construction of a harmonic society. Those potentials contemplate the development of immortality’s personal self-perception, as well as the natural intercommunication between spirits from different dimensions. Where is spirituality applied? Just in the religious institution? In times of distress? In petitionary prayers to God? Or is it applied as an essential and constant coverage for thoughts and motivations that base the “living”, or is it rhetoric to temporarily silence soul’s wounds, without definitively eradicate them? Our spirituality must be the air we breath, forming a love psychosphere, of light and peace that exhale in the Universe. The experience of this spirituality must begin within and, mainly, in domestic environment.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014


   Contact with the superior forces of the Universe, with what the most mysterious that exists, behind everything that the human consciousness have already been able to conceive, with the great enigma, with the most secret in the occult or with what is considered to be God, must take the human being to some kind of ecstasy that resembles a surge close to psychosis. Everything seems to indicate that, in mystical ecstasies, considered as a deep connection with divinity, initiate by entering in contact with one’s own unconsciousness. To try that real contact is for few; it’s for those that risk living their most audacious inner trip, disconnecting from ego and material circumstances, without living the world. After this contact, being short or long, minutes, days, months or years, elapses a period of intense creativity that, in general, takes a long time. Some try to feel or live that contact by artificial means, most of times without the necessary structure to cope with their own unconsciousness, using drugs and without the due care, risking lawlessly to lose themselves in their own unconsciousness or turning to victims of dangerous spiritual obsessions. Maybe we should try, listening to our own soul with our heart and with the most profound love to life, to people and to ourselves.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.


   Every physician, aware of his knowledge and without scientific sectarianism, understands that there are limits to the medicine field. The body, subject of the practical action of the physician’s knowledge, presents itself as whole, in which circulates energies at the service of the mind that controls it and, from it, receive diverse stimuli. By itself, its operation doesn’t explain the conscious life phenomenon, much less all intellective and emotional capabilities of the human being. Medicine already stops up to the called Complementary Therapies, between them, the Pass, the Prayer, intercessory in favor of cure. It’s notable the great influence that spiritual matters have in the medical profession by the large quantity of spiritualist among them. Little by little, spiritualism imposes itself to materialism within the noble profession. Testimonies of many physicians, independently of their beliefs, report psychic phenomena that occur in hospitals, especially with terminal patients and in surgical centers. Neither prescribed medications nor recommendations of keeping a moderate life are enough in diseases treatment, cause there are procedures generated in the intimacy of the Spirit, in which the morbidity demands a deeper action, with the usage of other, more appropriate methods. Medical recommendations have overcome the boundaries of conventional. It’s time for us to admit to consciousness itself that it’s not a religious matter anymore, nor faith, but of logic and human knowledge improvement.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014


   I like when I discover that I have no control over something, when I find out that I don’t control certain issue, when I realize that I don’t determine my feelings, when I recognize that my arguments are not as consistent as I thought, when I feel discomfort over somebody or in some place, when something positively opposes against myself, when I certify my inferiority over someone, when I assume my intelligence doesn’t reach some idea, when I feel impotent over sickness, when strength fails me to conquer an obstacle, when I’m deprecated being the most able, when everything seems to conspire against me, when I see myself in plain inadequacy, when I retract myself over the inevitable, when my freedom is curtailed, when my idea is stolen, when I lose in competition, when my limitations prevent me of winning e, mainly, when my huge shadow appears. I like it because I can say out loud: I’m a human being and I have all overcoming possibilities, resilience and self-determination.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

segunda-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2014


   The voting day is, really, a big party. Party for Democracy and the opportunity to make choices, even if it’s in the dark. People vote, but don’t know the future performance of the chosen candidates. Promises, expectations and competition are the tone of all period before the plea. All in the name of political management of the country. Even if abuses, irregularities and injustice occurs, the elections end by leveling the people. The richer’s vote weights the same as the poor’s vote. Equality is uncontestable. This represents the right of choosing and freedom’s manifestation. Spiritually, one sees it as free-will and the consciousness of participating of collective destiny. We still don’t have a system for choosing governors and administrators of the “public thing” that put the best and more capable to manage society in favor of all. This will happen in a way that each citizen thinks and yearns the best for everyone. As a last analysis, when selfishness succumbs to love. Love is the moving force of the Universe and the deepest feeling that exists in the human soul.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2014


   Human beings are the same spirit that is, for millenniums, trying to find itself. Their glance isn’t complete yet. Their instrument for that, the ego, isn’t totally mature yet. Many factors interfere in their perception. They haven’t yet learned that they don’t need to see everything, but just the essential. They must understand that, to know things, they need to turn around themselves, looking for their own inner world. They don’t realize, in their momentary blindness, that God has hidden in their unconsciousness. They accumulate many things in their selfishness and pride in excess. There will come a time when they’ll be ready to find and perceive divinity. One day, free from their own fears and prejudices, weaved by ignorance related to divinity and themselves, they’ll reach the freedom of thinking a Personal Religion. The path will be long, bit extremely valuable for them. When, then, they initiate their experience through Personal Religion, they will suffer setbacks by the traps they created themselves, fearful of losing themselves in the complex labyrinths of their religious psyche. And these setbacks will happen mainly by the childish desire of saving themselves from something they had as tragedy. Unconsciously, they believe that a big danger or threat and that it will take them to be banished again. They fear what they’ve built themselves. Their mind is still structured on the GoodxBad dialectics. They fear the divinity abandonment, like a child clutch to its mother, fearing to lose her.


   Myth is a psychic construction favorable to maintenance of balance and consciousness. Without it, human beings would be at the mercy of the dangers of their own unconsciousness. It’s automatically forged to maintain the relation between consciousness and unconsciousness. The first myths that appeared to consciousness were words or verbal expressions that, lately were transformed to signs. Afterwards, appeared the cosmogonic myths and those that tried to explain human behavior. Within all myths, those which represented religious aspects of the human psyche are, in fact, the forgers of collective religions. Many are still alive, and others were dissolved by the appropriate comprehension of their meanings. Myths are born and die, day by day. Its roots are found in mystery, in the complexity and in the depths of human psychism. Some religious dogma point, directly, to them. They are indecipherable as it is the nature pf God.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2014


   I want a religion that doesn’t forbid me, but that teaches me; that doesn’t incriminate me, but offers me solutions; that doesn’t repress me, but that teaches me to find better means of expression; that doesn’t condemn me, but that offers me an adequate sense of justice; that doesn’t abash me, but that puts me close to the Creator of Life. I want a religion that let me smile on Sunday mornings, allowing my prayer to be the look for nature. I want a religion that, on the darkest day of my living, from it I don’t remember when feeling afraid and, on it, don’t shelter myself like a child in infant consolations. I want a religion that motivates me to offer roses to the sick and to bring happiness to burials, and to cry only when knowing the pain was understood and that the dead is alive and well. I want a religion that guides me to revere innocence and applaud standing those that respect the wisdom of the elderly. I want a religion that I can find with whomever I am, wherever I go, even in the heart of those who hurt and scream, imagining they’re right. I want a religion that shelters those who take the risk of living and bless those who are lost in the dark labyrinths of their own ignorance. I want a religion that can be felt in compassion, be it with the abundance of the thriftless or with the misery of the seemly incapable, not lacking me the needed solidarity. I want a religion that makes me feel like brother to those who displeases or takes my hope away, also to those who revere me, innocently. I want a religion that takes away the veil of my blindness without taking away my whole ignorance, teaching me to the continuity of learning. I want a religion that doesn’t exclude or stigmatize any creature, nor creates castes of elected or saved by the adoption of logical principles. I want a religion in which chants and liturgy include the voice of the soul and the pulse of hearts, for one day, when I don’t need anything else, I find myself.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

sexta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2014


   Everyone wants to go to the other side of the river. Cross obstacles, delve frontiers, meet the unknown, surpass limits, commit some hybris. This is the reason for progress, ‘cause it’s born from the desire of leaving merely human condition and transcend to the divine. Everyone wants to go further, reaching the frontiers of knowledge, not satisfying oneself with the obvious or what settles the mind. Take off towards what has been forbidden to humans, from what wasn’t allowed by God, paradoxically, must be everyone’s desire. Psychic limits are invitations to growth. Who thought in paradise, with pre-established rules, there, for humans to live indefinitely, forgot the intelligence and loveliness of the Creator, ‘cause Himself provided the arouse of opposites, to urge humans to integrate them. The whole sea must be delved, all pain must be eliminated, all space must be conquered, the whole horizon must be surpassed, all ignorance must be overcome, all life must be lived with love. On the other shore will always have an opposite.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.