segunda-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2014


   The voting day is, really, a big party. Party for Democracy and the opportunity to make choices, even if it’s in the dark. People vote, but don’t know the future performance of the chosen candidates. Promises, expectations and competition are the tone of all period before the plea. All in the name of political management of the country. Even if abuses, irregularities and injustice occurs, the elections end by leveling the people. The richer’s vote weights the same as the poor’s vote. Equality is uncontestable. This represents the right of choosing and freedom’s manifestation. Spiritually, one sees it as free-will and the consciousness of participating of collective destiny. We still don’t have a system for choosing governors and administrators of the “public thing” that put the best and more capable to manage society in favor of all. This will happen in a way that each citizen thinks and yearns the best for everyone. As a last analysis, when selfishness succumbs to love. Love is the moving force of the Universe and the deepest feeling that exists in the human soul.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.

terça-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2014


   Human beings are the same spirit that is, for millenniums, trying to find itself. Their glance isn’t complete yet. Their instrument for that, the ego, isn’t totally mature yet. Many factors interfere in their perception. They haven’t yet learned that they don’t need to see everything, but just the essential. They must understand that, to know things, they need to turn around themselves, looking for their own inner world. They don’t realize, in their momentary blindness, that God has hidden in their unconsciousness. They accumulate many things in their selfishness and pride in excess. There will come a time when they’ll be ready to find and perceive divinity. One day, free from their own fears and prejudices, weaved by ignorance related to divinity and themselves, they’ll reach the freedom of thinking a Personal Religion. The path will be long, bit extremely valuable for them. When, then, they initiate their experience through Personal Religion, they will suffer setbacks by the traps they created themselves, fearful of losing themselves in the complex labyrinths of their religious psyche. And these setbacks will happen mainly by the childish desire of saving themselves from something they had as tragedy. Unconsciously, they believe that a big danger or threat and that it will take them to be banished again. They fear what they’ve built themselves. Their mind is still structured on the GoodxBad dialectics. They fear the divinity abandonment, like a child clutch to its mother, fearing to lose her.


   Myth is a psychic construction favorable to maintenance of balance and consciousness. Without it, human beings would be at the mercy of the dangers of their own unconsciousness. It’s automatically forged to maintain the relation between consciousness and unconsciousness. The first myths that appeared to consciousness were words or verbal expressions that, lately were transformed to signs. Afterwards, appeared the cosmogonic myths and those that tried to explain human behavior. Within all myths, those which represented religious aspects of the human psyche are, in fact, the forgers of collective religions. Many are still alive, and others were dissolved by the appropriate comprehension of their meanings. Myths are born and die, day by day. Its roots are found in mystery, in the complexity and in the depths of human psychism. Some religious dogma point, directly, to them. They are indecipherable as it is the nature pf God.

Translation and picture choice by Flau Fontenelle.